Wave Internet Technologies, LLC, ("WAVE") is a Missouri limited liability company headquartered in Rolla, Missouri. WAVE was formed in 2005 as the successor to Wave Computers, Inc., which began business in 1997 and was one of the first internet service providers in the Rolla area. WAVE is locally owned and managed. We are proud that many of our original customers through Wave Computers are, nearly twenty years later, still with us!

WAVE provides high-speed, wireless internet access to customers using a series of radio towers, transmitters, and receivers stratigically located throughout the area. With this technology, we provide internet service in rural and remote locations where other providers do not. We are capable of providing high-speed internet access for you at your home or business at prices you can afford.

WAVE also provides sale, installation, service, and monitoring of security systems for your home and business. Security systems include features such as

  • indoor and outdoor cameras
  • motion and sound detection
  • door and window sensors
  • video recording, both cloud and on-site,
  • battery backup options

Call us today at 573-308-1212 for more information. We look forward to serving you!