Zach Robinson

Captain, Wave Internet Technologies LLC

Captain Zach leads Wave’s strategy, product offerings, and customer service teams. A true visionary, Zach builds upon his company’s strong foundation and core offerings to drive growth and new opportunities. After graduating with a master's degree in business administration from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Zach returned to his hometown of Rolla and, during the past 20 years, has grown Wave from a copper-based dial-up network to a world class, highspeed wireless and fiber-based network that goes where others don't dare. He champions his company as a premier internet service and technology powerhouse with a presence throughout south central Missouri. Zach has extensive experience building wireless networks over large geographic areas and believes in maximizing technology to provide new opportunities for his business and its customers. Zach also has extensive experience designing and installing camera and security systems for residential and business customers. Zach and his team work hand-in-hand every day to provide you with the best customer experience available anywhere. Feel free to send him a shout.