Wave Internet Technologies LLC


The following is a list of questions we are often asked about our internet services. Check our service area to see to we are in your neighborhood!

I. How does this work?

Unlike internet services provided by your cable or landline phone company, we connect to your home or office using wireless technology. (If you are in an area were we have fiber optic cable, we may connect using that technology.) For wireless connectivity, a small antenna is installed at your location which connects to your computer or router . . . that's it! Your connection is "live" and available whenever you want to use it. Our service doesn’t tie up your phone line and . . . it’s fast!

II. How do performance and cost compare to DSL and cable internet?

Speeds and pricing are very similar to DSL and cable internet. However, unlike many wired connections, we offer "symmetrical" download and upload speeds (i.e. download and upload speeds are the same). Also, we do not ask you commit to long contracts or sign up for any other services such as phone or television to take advantage of great service rates.

III. Isn't wireless internet affected by rain and other weather?

Wireless broadband internet technology has come a long way in the past ten years! Except duing a rare, intense storm, your internet connection is unlikely to be degraded by weather. That said, our tranmission towers, being in essence giant lightening rods, are sometimes disabled by lightening strikes. However, we usually can repair lightening-damaged equipment in a matter of hours. In some cases, obstructions that did not exist at the time of installation (tree growth or new buildings) may interfere with the line of sight needed for good internet connectivity. In those cases, moving your attenna to a better location will resolve the issue.

IV. Is this satellite internet?

No. We utilize fixed broadband wireless technology which we believe is superior to satellite internet. Satellite internet often has data caps and usage limits. Satellite internet often has high latency, which causes slower than desired connection speeds. Our service does not suffer from either of these deficiencies. In fact, we guarantee our service will be superior to that of any satellite internet!

V. Can I use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other video streaming services?

Yes. Most of our customers use these and other video streaming services. Keep in mind that, like with any other internet service, having multiple users streaming at the same time may require a faster service subscription to reduce buffering. As stated earlier, we do not impose any data caps or usage limitations, Stream on!

VI. How much does it cost?

Rate start as low as $50 per month with a one-time $100 installation fee.

VII. How soon can you connect me?

Ready to sign-up? If you are in service area, we can usually schedule an installation within seven to ten days. Installation and setup times vary, ranging from thirty minutes to an hour or so.

VIII. Not in service area?

Call us anyway! We'll visit your site and see if a new tower will put you in our range. We sometimes exchange the lease of a small tower site in exchange for FREE internet service. We need at least five subscribers per tower to make this economical, so call your neighbors and spread the word about our high-speed internet service!

Call us today at (573) 308-1212 for more information. We look forward to serving you!